Case Study – Woodside North Rankin NRA / NRB hook Up.

Project Background

Woodside’s health and safety policy for suspended loads required Binder Group to develop a custom engineered pipe support solution to enable large diameter piping to be installed.  The usual method for installing vertical riser supports is to have four equally spaced lugs welded onto the pipe and for the mechanical riser support to clamp around the pipe underneath the lugs. However, this was not a safe or practical option for Woodside.

Binder Group Solution

The challenge for Binder was to design, engineer and manufacture vertical riser pipe supports that would grip the pipe without the utilization of welded lugs on the pipe and meet the extensive load and pull-out testing criteria. The clamp sizes and design loads were;

  1. RISER CLAMPS 600NB 8800KG: Each lug designed to twice 8800KG
  2. RISER CLAMPS 500NB 1200KG: Each lug designed to twice 1200KG
  3. RISER CLAMPS 450NB 3900KG: Each lug designed to twice 3900KG
Riser Clamp



Customer Testimonial

“It was a pleasure dealing with yourself and Binder as a company, it was handled very professional from the start.

The original concept that we came up with when you came into Woodside plaza, your engineering and manufacturing, to the implementation was faultless.

You delivered a great product and we had full confidence in completing all the Tie In spools as planned, and they went in like clockwork and without delay.

The reason we used the vertical clamps were to enable us to work under a suspended load and follow Woodside’s Safety Rules, some of the spools were excess of 5 tonne, so it was critical to the Hook Up and Woodside that the vertical clamps worked as planned. We look forward to doing business in the future”

Stein Brathaug



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