Spring Support

A variable load spring support is used for supporting pipework, vessels, columns and pipe connections to large tanks that are subject to thermal movement and/or subsidence. Variable Spring Supports are used when it is not possible to use Rigid Hangers and Constant Effort Spring Supports would be uneconomical.


The standard range of variable supports consists of four sizes allowing a maximum travel of up to 210mm. Each size has seven design types depending on the installation criteria of the application.

All units are easily adjusted, Types A, B, C and G being supplied with a Turnbuckle built into the unit. Type F units use a threaded load tube and column.

The units are ideally suited for highly corrosive environments such as Offshore and Refining Installations. The standard design allows surface protection on all internal and external surfaces, limiting the potential corrosion.

spring-support-3 spring-support-1 spring-support-2