Binder designs and manufactures a range of pipe support systems using the latest technology in accordance with international design codes. Offering a comprehensive range of pipe supports, Binder differentiates itself from competitors by supplying specialist supports such as spring hangers, snubbers and cryogenic supports. All supports are engineered in Australia and fabricated in our production facilities in Indonesia with independently accredited quality management systems.

Additionally, Binder undertakes the design and manufacture of pipe supports to customer’s own requirements when provided with design parameters such as; load, temperature and movement as provided by the relevant engineering design house or EPC.


Pipe Support Types


High Density Poly Urethane Foam Cryogenic Pipe Supports (HD PUF) are utilised on pipe work that requires thermal insulation to minimise loss of process energy. Eg Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Production, Refining, Storage and Transport Plant.

Binder is a specialist designer and manufacturer of HD PUF supports with products installed across most global LNG regions.

Binder provides Cold Shoes for uninsulated pipe. Insulated Block is a compressed laminated wood with marine varnish coating. Insulating wood is typically Permali wood with alternatives available including DuroStone or Micarta. Pipe shoes are available with lateral and vertical axial restraints.



Variable load spring supports are installed to support pipe work, vessels, columns and pipe connections to large tanks that are subject to thermal movement and/or subsidence. They are used when it is not possible to use rigid hangers and Constant load spring supports would be uneconomical. The full travel of the spring may be used providing the necessary calculations are carried out to ensure that the pipe work and nozzle connections can withstand the large changes that occur during pipe movement.



The Constant Load Spring Supports (Constant Supports) provide a constant supporting force through the total travel of the support. The simplified construction, together with the compression spring working in conjunction with a bell crank lever, achieves a mathematically perfect counter-balancing of spring and load moments about the main pivot point.
Constant Load Spring Supports are typically used when large vertical movements are present in critical piping to avoid the transfer of residual stresses to other process piping systems.



Rigid pipe supports are used to support suspended pipe work and restrict vertical and lateral movement. Versions of Rigid Pipe Supports include 2 and 3 bolt clamps as well as pipe riser supports. Binder manufactures supports in a variety of materials, finishes to suit a variety of load, temperature and environmental requirements.



Dynamic Restraints commonly called Snubbers or Shock Absorbers are used to protect pipe work from abnormal movement in process piping in situations such as earthquake or fluid disturbance caused by valve closure or pumping. The dynamic restraint is selected according to load, travel and likely environment conditions. Hydraulic Snubbers work using a principle similar to an automobile shock absorber where hydraulic fluid in a cylinder is displaced to another cylinder which is regulated with a spring loaded valve.



For Pipe work which is typically at rest, Binder designs and manufactures a range of Pipe Saddles, Shoes and Stops supports in a variety of materials, finishes to suit a variety of load, temperature and environmental requirements.



Test Plugs are installed on pipework to allow convenient access for pressure and temperature testing equipment. Binder Test Plugs reduce the need to install expensive fixed temperature and pressure gauges in a pipeline.



Industrial Catalogue

A comprehensive catalogue of Binder Pipe Supports and Accessories can be downloaded from these Links.

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